Experiencing Hope Through Jesus Christ

Missions & Partnerships

Worship @ the Y               
  • 3rd Sunday of every month                                  http://www.worshipaththey.org
    • We forego our regular meeting in our space to worship with our community.  We continue to share a meal and fellowship time together at 5 pm, in the YMCA of  DeKalb County Chapel and then serve our community by helping to set up and participating in community worship.
  • Kick the Addiction             (260) 205-9259                  http://www.kicktheaddictionin.com       
    • Facilitates recovery and treatment placement for those in search of a recovery home.
  • Hearten House                          (260)333-7223                  http://www.dciconline.org
    • A Gospel rescue mission shelter for women.    
  • Helping Hands Foster Closet    [email protected]                                                  
    • The helping Hands Foster Closet was established to help meet the needs of Dekalb and Noble county foster families. Our goal is to make the transition into foster care and back home as easy as possible.
  • Woodburn Christian Children's Home

                                                                          (260) 632-5551                  http://www.wcchonline.org

    • Our Mission is to provide a Christian home for children....to Minister to Children and Families on Physical, Educational, Emotional and Spiritual levels.