Experiencing Hope Through Jesus Christ
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Download our new mobile app beginning March 4th! The app will be available on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. The Gathering's app will feature an E-Bible, Prayer Request functions, Events, and other ways to stay connected to your community. Offerings and Donations can also be made through this free app.

Try it now before you can download it here now with this interactive preview!!!!


Please feel free to make any suggestions as well to [email protected]

To restore hope and community through experiencing the hope and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Click here to learn about the various ministries we offer, to see our videos, including our current series and past videos.

To build a missional mindset both within and outside The Gathering, to reach out and serve our community and build that value while achieving our mission, To live our lives as true disciples.

Welcome to Our Site!

The Gathering is a place where we live out the mission of Jesus and change lives through the words of Scripture and offer hope through the testimony of our lives.  Jesus' love is unconditional, and so is ours.  Join us in doing life--really well--together, with our neighbors!

Nicki Tackett -  Pastor of The Gathering